All cats boarded at Woodside Boarding Cattery are provided with one of two styles of beds; Hooded or non hooded. Of course, if your feline friend has a favourite sleeping basket or similar, you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Food, of course, is one of the services we provide here at Woodside Boarding Cattery. A cat's diet is very important, which is why we believe in maintaining healthy eating. At Woodside Boarding Cattery, we like to keep your cats on the same diet they have at home. This stops any upset tummies.

However, we offer a large variety of Whiskas and Hills Science Diet. If your cat has a special eating plan, please inform us when making a booking and on admission. You can also provide your own food, if your feline friend is particularly fussy or on a special prescription food. All cats are provided with fresh clean water.

 Health Care
Woodside Boarding Cattery offers a 'medi-care' service, allowing cats on medication to be boarded. This includes cats on antibiotics, insulin etc. A small medication fee applies.

Post Operative Care:
Unlike any other boarding cat facility in South Australia (with the exception of vet clinics) Woodside Boarding Cattery offers a 'Post-Operative' Care service, which enables cats to be boarded and/or cared for after an operation. A small fee applies. Please contact us for more information.

Vet Treatment
As Sue is a Veterinary Nurse, a professional opinion on the health of a cat is always on hand. However, if a cat should become unwell, the appropriate treatment will be sought. On boarding your cat, you are required to sign an agreement, agreeing to pay for any costs that may occur as a result of vet treatment for your cat.


Pick up and Delivery
A pick up and delivery service is offered to all clients, but must be arranged at the time of booking. A pick up and delivery fee will apply, depending on the area you live in. We also offer a pick up and delivery service to the airport. Please contact us for more information.

Special Services
 Air Conditioning: The Cattery is air-conditioned, for the comfort of all cats during hot weather.

Heat pads: Electrical heat pads are supplied to cats during the colder seasons.

Heating: Heating is also supplied to each end of the cattery during Winter.

Magnetic Sleep Mats: Therapeutic magnetic sleep mats are provided to older cats, or cats with arthritis.

All cats boarded at Woodside Boarding Cattery are provided daily with T.L.C.; Hugs, cuddles and snuggles!

24 Hour Music
Woodside Boarding Cattery provides music 24 hours a day. This helps increase the 'homeliness' feel throughout the cattery, and is helpful in calming cats that are unsettled.